15.03.2019 07:12

Cardio exercises are indeed tiring - jumping, running etc. just to commit yourself to be healthy and fit. Lea from our team complains whenever she does these. But there's a particular cardio exercise she most loved and will not get tired of it - #SkinCardio ! "Always looking forward to this exercise, helps my skin feel alive, refreshed and rejuvenated!" As we can see, skin cardio is very relaxing and is ideal in treating acne, congestion, sluggish skin and rosacea. It helps promote optimal skin functioning and guess what - there's no jumping, running or skipping involved! Have you ever had skin cardio treatment? If not, add some of it to your #skincareroutine for firm, youthful skin you truly deserve. 📍@exclusiveskincarebylanore 📷 @adroladushi / @pavllozengo 📹 @bythomascrane #FOREO #LUNA2 #skincareph #cleansingdevice #beautytech #skincarejunkie #skincarecommunity #antiaging

15.03.2019 15:24
Oh I need one of this also I can share it with my mama ❤️ It will definitely help in my skin problemssssss and make it better! 😍
15.03.2019 07:34
I hope I can give my mom the chance to try this foreo. 💖 Even if she's a full-time housewife, she as well deserves to have a youthful skin. 💓
15.03.2019 10:43
@foreo_ph How sweet! 😊😍 thank you so much, @foreo_ph 🙏💖
15.03.2019 10:37
@_calmm Hoping for it! God bless you and your mom! ❤❤❤
15.03.2019 07:32
Wow! Amazing info. Thanks for sharing! I must say I totally need this skin care routine.✨
15.03.2019 10:37
@anarodezaa 😉😉😉
15.03.2019 07:23
Oh I need this badly! This is gonna definitely help my skin recover from my 9 hour graveyard shift ! 😍😍😍
15.03.2019 10:38
@iamfantheysha You can get one at sephora.ph! 😉 Your skin deserves it!
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