12.03.2019 23:12

@morninggirlskincare shares her perfect skincare duo: "I've been loving my new Foaming Cleanser from @suzanobagimd. It's non drying, smells amazing with the natural grapefruit peel oil and works great with my #LUNA2 . When I first tried the #FOREO , I wasn’t sold at first as I felt like the another brush got into my pores better. Now, I really like the FOREO! It's gentle enough for me to use daily and I love how my skin feels after. 💦🛁" . What cleanser do you use with your LUNA? . . . #skincare #skincareproducts #cleansing #cleansingbrush #skincareroutine #tuesdaymotivation

13.03.2019 01:30
16.03.2019 00:46
Never used one
19.03.2019 15:51
I like using Cerave with my Luna. it just feels perfect, even for several hours afterwards. 😊
Great share! Thanks for the #inspiration ✌🌻🐼 #savetheearth
13.03.2019 02:32
I want a LUNA!
13.03.2019 02:38
I want a LUNA!
13.03.2019 23:40
@skincare_selfcarebysoph Which ones? 😊 ~ Jessica
13.03.2019 02:00
I use it with a variety of different cleansers 👏🏼👏🏼
14.03.2019 15:24
@skincare_selfcarebysoph Thanks for the advice! I am sure it will benefit our customers! 😊 ~ Jessica
13.03.2019 19:09
I use it with Tatcha’s Rice Enzyme Powder, but always ensure it’s fully dissolved before using my Foreo
14.03.2019 15:23
@coolarkt Great tip, thanks! 🙌 ~ Jessica
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