12.03.2019 12:02

My new skincare device! @foreo_my LUNA 2 ni BEST GILA AMPA! Ada 4 jenis untuk Oily Skin, Combination Skin, Sensitive Skin & Normal Skin. Dry skin boleh try yang Sensitive or Normal ones. My skin feels so refreshed & clean. It is so gentle but removes all of the dirt & makeup residue from my skin. Terus bersih suci murni. It also has an anti-ageing side where you can use after you have applied your skincare. It helps your skincare to absorb better into your skin too. Lepas tu dia vibrate tu bergegar otak sambil rasa muka tu FIRM. I AM OBSESSED! Check their page out @foreo_my . Rasanya Foreo device ni ada jual di @zaloramy @sephoramy @lazada_my jugak. This is so worth your investment! #LUNA2 #ZALORAYAxFOREO

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