11.03.2019 23:29

#FOREOfan Leila definitely shows commitment to taking care of her well-being 💪: "Any routine in life can be hard to cope with in the beginning. However, it's important to stay committed and focused - in anything actually. I've been determined to wake up everyday before work and give my skin and body the self-care it deserves. After my workout 🤸‍♀️ comes cleansing with my favorite #LUNA2 - that always leaves my skin 100% clean after a sweaty and tough workout." ˙ How are you progressing with your #skincare and #fitness goals this year? ˙ 📷: @isabelifontana ˙ #FOREO #MotivationMonday #workout #workhardplayhard #healthy #fitnessgoals #motivation #skincareroutine #instaskincare #skincarecommunity

13.03.2019 18:02
I always try to spend at least 15 minutes a day to exercise and my skincare goals are done well thanks to the great help of the FOREO Luna mini 2 😉
13.03.2019 18:42
Do not even ask 🙈🙈. Skincare goes much better than fitness regimen 🙈😅 #couchpotato4ever 😂
15.03.2019 04:44
I think I'm nailing my skincare goals, but the fitness goals are lagging a bit behind. Time to kick it into high gear before summer!
16.03.2019 00:08
#skincare good level, #fitness still in progress :))
16.03.2019 06:20
Start caring for fitness but i wish there was some life saving foreo devices for fitness 😅
16.03.2019 11:15
We are waiting for more! We love your profile very much!
16.03.2019 15:27
Not awesome since I had some hard time learning for my residency exam. But really looking forward to getting back to a healthy fitness and skincare routine! Since foreo makes it so easy and fast for me (ufo,fofo, luna2 and iris), the fitness remains the big concern. 💕👁
16.03.2019 17:13
Fitness: I have taken to short workouts daily. I feel much better at the end of the day knowing I worked out at least 20 minutes. Skincare goals: I am actively working towards finding my optimal regimen.
16.03.2019 21:11
more with skincare than fitness lol
16.03.2019 21:47
Too bad, don’t ask 🤦‍♀️😂😂
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