08.03.2019 14:47

As you all know, I have been investing so much on skin care recently and the @foreo_mea #lunaplayplus was a part of it 💕 • I have been using it for about 3 weeks now and my skin could not be happier. It really does get rid of that dirt and grime your face have accumulated throughout the day leaving you with a fresh skin to apply your favorite serums/moisturizers 💁🏻‍♀️ It’s so good that I plan to upgrade my cleanser to the #luna2 💕 • Do you have a #foreo cleansing device? How was your experience?

14.03.2019 17:54
I also wanted to buy this kaso di pa keri ng budget ko 😭
14.03.2019 17:58
@chari.in.pixels it took me a year bago ko toh bilin gurl. Issue ko din budget and baka mamaya di worth it 😭😭 pero okay talaga syaa 💕💕
gaano ka effective sis? 😅 mejo mahal pa siya for me
14.03.2019 13:07
@francesssdu for me honestly okay sya talaga. Kasi after cleansing my face with it, wala na talagang natitirang make up. And the vibration somehow really helps. I also use the backside of this cleanser to massage my face while cleansing. Feels so good! You can try the Foreo play alam ko mas cheap sya dito sa play plus 😊😊
09.03.2019 18:07
Ooo been wanting to try this for a while 😍
09.03.2019 18:52
@damselindesert you should get ittt! It’s really good! 😍😍😍
09.03.2019 09:30
Been planning to buy one! Ipon muna 😅
09.03.2019 17:09
@rmbanua super nice talaga sya, love. Bili ka naaa
09.03.2019 15:54
@biancadanise lalo tuloy akong na curious dyan 😅😂
09.03.2019 09:49
@banikers super worth it! Go go 😊😊
09.03.2019 06:16
meron ganyan sa pinas?
09.03.2019 06:34
@janleosalazar meron kuya! Pero u need to order it via sephora. Meron silang black for men! 😊
08.03.2019 18:03
I heard a lot of good reviews nga about this hehe 😊
08.03.2019 18:05
@okaereyes try mo toh kae. Good start ito 😊😊
08.03.2019 17:27
Can I order from you? Coz I'm not living in Dubai .... I guess, I won't find it here🌟🎉🌺💐😘
08.03.2019 17:25
How much is this Bianca ?
08.03.2019 17:59
@mariamfard ate maryaaam 🤗🤗🤗 it’s 250dhs. But there’s another variant called the luna mini. U might want that. Of course I can get it for you and when u come here we can meet up and I’ll hand it over. You can check muna the website ate kasi they have different cleansers. You can just go to foreo.com 😊😊
08.03.2019 15:32
08.03.2019 15:07
I’m on my 3rd day of using my foreo luna. So far so good 💕
09.03.2019 11:45
@biancadanise yes ❤️
08.03.2019 15:23
@kc.elzbth yayy. Okay sya dba? 😊😊😊
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