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@joannieeav @rexcipeh79
08.03.2019 07:45
Being a woman in a male-dominated field of engineering is such a struggle! You'll have to go further than your male counterparts to prove your competence and intelligence. Also, there's a stigma that if you are a woman in this field you can't be attractive, and if you are attractive, you aren't smart. I just think that the notion that pretty girls are dumb and less attractive girls are smart is blatantly offensive, rude, and incorrect. On behalf of all women in engineering: our appearance doesn't define our intelligence! So I would like to thank two of the most beautiful and intelligent female engineers in the field, @paulamariecasasola and @mikkamix , for inspiring me to be the best I can without losing my identity. They may have gone through the same struggles as me, but they surely managed to prove that women are not emotional and fragile and should be treated equally!
08.03.2019 08:57
There are so many social media influencers out there now and not all of them have substance. In my age, I look up to women influencers who have strong advocacies and of course intellect. I really admire @topazhorizonblog on how she handles everyday life as a mom, writer and a wife. So uncomplicated yet so true. And @sarah_meier for empowering women to be at their best, embracing flaws and all. Their posts and thoughts are what I always save in my collection, and what inspire me that I am enough as a woman and as a person.
08.03.2019 12:05
There's a lot of women who inspire me in my life but I have these two persons who have a very big role in my life, my mom @little.pad and my sister @reginaapadillaa because they empower me to do good in life and encourage me to further my causes because we have our voice to use and reach to people. Women are great influencers, just by looking at our mothers, we know they have a very big impact in our lives. Also, my mom and my sister taught me to love myself despite the imperfections I have and I think that's what every woman should do. To lift up one another. They also taught me to have a greater goal in life and have a definite advocacy which I could share to people so that in the future, i could also inspire someone.
08.03.2019 12:53
@chachacharlenne @edizadianne_ these two have been my long time friends since HS! How they grace situations despite the odds trying to break them down inspire me to persevere as well! 🌸
08.03.2019 14:28
My mom @coydledesma and best friend @katryakyla inspire me to unapologetically be myself in a world where we are constantly told to act, dress or behave in certain ways or measured against standards in society. They constantly remind me of my strengths and abilities, most especially during those times when I need it the most. They don’t just remind me to enjoy life and smell the roses, they tell me that I can also make it into perfume. They are also the women I share and enjoy all the skincare tips, trends and products with.. ❤️
08.03.2019 14:53
@jackydumalanta @rnne.arcga because they are the woman whose always there for me, my mother working hard for me and my future and my bestfriend who always supports me and guides me and never leaves my side. They’re the best ❤️
08.03.2019 15:17
@amalegs because she makes it look like art how her pain became the very thing that empowered her to be the woman she is to this day, so strong and so beautiful. And @erikalaponce because she can be so unapologetically herself while still being so open to learning and growing into an even better beautiful human being! 💕
09.03.2019 02:15
@kimmyswirlss @kristineziarrasilvestre they taught me to be my own kind of beautiful and be the real me 💕
15.03.2019 12:12
@katherine.lizardo @heyimiceee These ladies are both strong independent women of their generation. They live in the moment yet strive real hard to achieve that dream! ❤
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