02.02.2019 20:21

Hey America- Are you ready for some 🏈 Go out and grab a bottle to make our Super Bowl Proper Punch. Recipe in our Story & Cocktail Highlight #OneForAll

02.02.2019 20:33
@zacharyruss if you just want to get hella fuhhed up, here ya go.
02.02.2019 21:22
@londonchase77 @heavennicoleeee
02.02.2019 21:26
@asaddrizvi @ryan_tanaka this looks really good
02.02.2019 23:08
02.02.2019 21:15
@stephanzoburger trying to have a proper Super Bowl?
02.02.2019 21:28
Can I buy from Italy ?
02.02.2019 21:56
I would but it's not in Pennsylvania!!
02.02.2019 22:33
02.02.2019 23:32
@properwhiskey @thenotoriousmma my family is originally from Galway but I live in Cleveland Tennessee. We would love to get a bottle of your proper whiskey here, but it seems that every time the liquor stores get a shipment they are sold out almost immediately. I know there is a big demand but we would love to give @properwhiskey a go! Much respect to the Champ Champ from the Volunteer State. 🇺🇸🥃🇮🇪
03.02.2019 00:15
When is Proper Twelve gonna be on the shelves in Traverse City MI? would be nice to be able to have some for the super bowl.
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