07.01.2019 05:15

the Big 20ouncers

07.01.2019 05:17
Glad to See the Champ champ back in the gym
07.01.2019 05:18
Champ chap maaaaaaan from Ukrania, U’ll fight better than Khabib
07.01.2019 05:31
Lets work champ it's #ComeBackSeason
07.01.2019 05:18
Entering 2019 with missiles launching,much blessings from the U.S.!!!🚀👊🏽🙏🏽
07.01.2019 08:14
Boi why your ass still working out you're so fucking irrelevant to everybody now I don't usually say this but bruh quit you ain't getting nowhere now you're done your career is gone
07.01.2019 05:18
Ready for you too fookin sleep someone
07.01.2019 05:34
Khabib and conor 2, the fans want the rematch 💪🔥
07.01.2019 05:19
Выйдешь с Итальяшкой по разам? @italiashka
07.01.2019 13:43
As a huge fan.. putting all the whiskey, calling out Floyd's last opponent (another boring money move) and etc... When are you going to entertain your ACTUAL fans again? The ones who watched you take heads off in the octagon and was waiting for it to happen again until the khabib show? Which it was. He ran that show like you used to. Think it's time you either let everyone know you're done with UFC or come back and solidify your name as one of the best strikers to ever grace UFC. Atm you're counted as an amazing fighter who "chokes like a chicken". It's embarrassing trying to win an argument with a khabib fan when the guy I'm defending got tapped out too easy and hasn't tried to put his feet back in the ring yet. This seems like a lotta hate but I genuinely am a huge fan dude. I just wanna see you back in the cage doing what you should be doing. Peace 🤘
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