06.01.2019 05:21

50 bill and the champ champ! Happy birthday @lorenzofertitta the big 5.0 🥃

06.01.2019 05:27
Damn the Fertittas on that 💊💉
06.01.2019 05:30
@thenotoriousmma "champ champ" that's always been too scared to defend any title he gets 😂
06.01.2019 06:29
You ain't the champ x2 anymore stop living in the past. You got man handled then you tapped out like a bitch
06.01.2019 05:22
Hey guys 🖐🏽 I hope this get seen. I'm a 17 year old rapper from Asia 🌏 tryna spread my sound so if y'all could like this comment so more people could notice it that would mean the most to me 💜 God bless ya'll. Love. ❤🌙❤
06.01.2019 05:56
Lol McGregor out here making stacks while all the keyboard warriors hating from behind their screens in mummas basement
06.01.2019 05:51
We wait for you here in Romania. I prkmise you and @ionpascu82 a great journey. We are the most famous fighters from here. Trust us:)
06.01.2019 05:37
Looks like Lorenzo got a few picograms himself💉💉💉
06.01.2019 05:37
Khabib Time 💎
06.01.2019 05:24
Tapping machine
06.01.2019 05:22
Like if Conor is the real GOAT 🔥🔥
06.01.2019 08:25
@outcast_fitness_ 😂😂😁 blue lips Champ
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