01.01.2019 05:39

That 9 milli won’t keep you on top of my list for long, kid. #Forbesy

01.01.2019 05:46
tap machines talks
01.01.2019 05:46
Fuck da mayweathers!
01.01.2019 05:52
@khabib_nurmagomedov wtf is this pussy talking about.. Tell him khabib.. Irish dynasty killa killa
01.01.2019 05:55
He literally smacked you like a kid when you fought
01.01.2019 06:18
@thenotoriousmma хватит бухать юнец, не подавай плохой пример молодым спортсменам 😠 ты спортсмен или алкаш, йобанитыстос??! Каждая публикация с бухлом😤😤 #justsendmelocation чщорт
01.01.2019 06:35
Love floyd and Conor but Conor hasn’t earned close to what Floyd has and probably never will, Conor’s biggest pay check was because of floyd lol
01.01.2019 07:05
Fucking Connor you always go on about fucking money when you started this ride you was preaching aabout being poor, you're fucking boring old news ignorant cunt forgot your roots so fast you clearly didn't fucking have any 🤣
01.01.2019 13:08
I love you so much please like my videos 🙏🙏🙏
01.01.2019 11:02
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